TRAVEL / Glimpse of Imperial Palace

There was a sense of tranquility in the Chiyoda area where the Imperial Palace lies. Despite the presence of high rise buildings and highway, the pathway going to the gates of the Imperial Palace is very Zen. The uniformity of the grey pebbles calmed my very overwhelmed mind. It's like a feeling of not rushing things overrode my will. Even with the presence of tourists, the relaxed atmosphere was still there. We can only get a glimpse of the portion of the Imperial Palace. It was like looking at a still art. So untouchable.  The intricate details were very beautiful. I have seen tons of drawings  of the Palace from everywhere and standing in front of it now made me shiver. It was there looking at me as well.  Then I imagined the people from the Meiji era have walked the same vicinity. It was a great moment to feel grateful and fascinated by history.  

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