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The best non-sweet bread ever! I love Muji forever

One sentence I've learned to use in our Tokyo trip is " mizu wo moto desu ka" . It means "can I get another glass of water" or something. I have this Japanese app in the phone. I think the Japanese people are appreicative when you try to speak Japanese. The body language helps heaps too. I have never felt this animated in my life. But you have to adjust, afterall , we are just visitors. I enjoyed speaking Niponggo even if it's just a simple "Sumimasen" or "Domo Arigato". One thing I've noticed as well is how quick the service is. I remember ordering a bento meal and like after 2 or 3 minutes, the food was served already. Restaurants are mostly full but people eat quickly. I never noticed them staying to chat and hangaround. They do it somewhere else. Green tea will never taste the same again. For me it's the best comfort drink and tasting the genuine Japanese Ocha was amazing. I normally don't look forward with food as I try to always not eat but it is honestly impossible in Tokyo. To be fair  the food is cuisine and prepared and by that I mean "not crap restaurant food". Now it's difficult for me to stop thinking about sushi and rice.

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