OUTFIT / Age of comfort

cardigan /  milk + honey
tank top / CK
pants /  Uniqlo
boots / Wittner

I am slowly beginning to realize the vitality of comfort in ones daily outfit. When I say daily, it means  a deal of walking around under the sun, walking while sweating, doing errands , climbing stairs, getting bread and milk at Woolies , doing retail works , standing for hours. It does have a lot of visualizing to do but yeah those activities entails comfort clothes. It's different when you're just lounging on a holiday or taking photos at home with an editorial styling in mind. Before, the heavier my shoes are, the better. Nowadays , I opt for lightweight boots in soft leather which allows breathability and movement. I love pants that are tailored but not cigarette-skinny in form.  I still do love outerwear but given the summer time temperature , I can only wear lightweight knits like a cardigan. How boring isn't it? But "sometimes ", wearing comfort clothes create that relaxed vibe in you. Think : Grace Coddington or Tilda Swinton. Do they look like they feel haggard under all the pieces they wear?  

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