OUTFIT / Dreaming of Tokyo

Sweater / Ouibonjour
tailored   pants / TOGA 
leather boots / Wittner

I cant wait for our Tokyo trip! 26 days to go. I am curating my outfits everyday. I try not to shop because even though shopping isn't gonna be my main goal there, I would love to snag some small trinkets that would make remind me of my Tokyo sojourn. For now, I am wearing my fave Ouibonjour sweater.



One year ago in the beautiful Los Angeles


OUTFIT / Numbers + nonsense

I recently watched Norweigan Wood on my lull moment last week. You know how in a week you have that chained-to-the-bed kind of feeling and everything felt heavy. Your eyebrows feel heavy. You drink a glass of water and you  feel like you've eaten steak and fries. There was a scene in the movie where Reiko was wishing that she could go back from being 18 after her 19th birthday. According to her, it would have been much easier not to be an adult. I am quite feeling the same way actually. I noticed a fine wrinkle this morning on my smile line area. I don't want to overreact and since one doesn't have much choice in terms of biological ageing, I must try to just shake it off. My clothing preferences too can be quite "un-young". They say youth is power. They say experience is power. I don't know anymore. Thankfully I have an extremely oily skin which somehow helps me exude a young-er version of me. 


OUTFIT / With a Twist

Oporto sneakers /  Wittner 


TRAVEL / Hamilton Island in Zen

This is the second popular beach that I've been to after Bondi in Sydney. I sometimes quibble how Mackay is just a small laidback town and  I often fail to realize the proximity to really remarkable beaches like Hamilton Island which is only 2 hours away from us. They may have the tall buildings and busy trades but we do have the chill atmosphere that money will never buy ( well, kind of ). I admit that I am not a beach fan but I always get an opportunity to visit such heavenly a place. Going to the beach somehow dissolves your hyperactive mind and you just want to lie down and stare at the vast white sand with no stress in mind. That's what happened to me and i did sneaked in some photo taking session that I consider a visual feat!