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Oporto shoes / Wittner 

Choosing colors for shoes are hard. I've been a fan of white shoes and still am however they sort of turned yellow and even with a stain-proofer they are so terribly hard to maintain. I know I have a lot of black shoes but then  I thought the black scrunchy sneakers will lift my black outfits. And then came the taupe shoes which looked like a brown bag turned into a shoe. I just couldn't resist the artwork that is in them. I know they are heavily inspired by PORTS1961 Bee sneakers but Wittner's version is at par from the talented designer's creation. The soft and supple leather wraps the foot in a way that you don't want to wear any other sub-premium shoes. Plus, these are the only shoes that I could wear without socks on. The lining is just akin to ones skin that shoe to skin friction isn't even present. They're the best ever!

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