OUTFIT / Opaque - Transparent

leather choker / Universal Store
neoprene tee with mesh sleeve / Ninthsheep
tailored pants / Helmut Lang
boots / Spin wedges
duster coat  

One of my favorite outfits so far. I still love my all-white clothes but it's so hard to keep it stain-free especially at work where you come face to face with dust , pen marks , make up marks everyday. Black gives me that assurance that no mess will ever touch my clothes. The weather being a mental two-faced b*tch is giving me a perpetual headache. It can't decide whether it wants to shower or toast us. Changes every 4 hours or so and I think that this sheer/ covered combo will keep everything in check for the weather. I ever wonder why a cold-loving person like me always end up in a tropical country lol. Can't wait to be on a holiday aka cool snowy country. 

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