OUTFIT / Comfort + Fluidity

tank / ASOS
joggers / ZARA
shoes / Rick Owens

Outfit from work to working out. I just had to change my footwear and remove my duster vest. I love that I am not fussy with clothes. I don't get stressed anymore with what I wear. Probably, I have sort of mastered the elusive art of dressing up nonchalantly. I have observed that here in Australia there are some people who think about it too much. Over analyzing every details which leads to more confusion and pressure. It's good because you are in the process of styling and creativity but the fun dissipates when there's frustration. Me? I don't care anymore. I just want to be skinny and fabulous and OMG happy new year! I am still not ready to be 30 years old. Now that is where I don't see the fun anymore. 

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