TRAVEL / Hamilton Island

sunnies / Prada

I'm off to see Hamilton Island tomorrow! I will be taking heaps of photos (not myself ) of the beautiful #everything that my eyes will feast on! It's gonna be amazing! I am so lucky that we just live an hour away from the port . So I'm taking my big straw hat and my skimpy shorts for the 3 day holiday.  It's short but it's going to be so full on. Byeeee!


RUNWAY / Marni SS17

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Overbaggage chic ala Marni. There was an air of nomad slash urbane with a hint of a jet setter vibe to it. An immensely clever way to incorporate satchels in an ensemble. I would wander how the bags would hang once items are in it but still it would look nice because I reckon the bagginess is what the look is aiming for. I love that it's monochromatic too as it creates a uniform collected look. The irregular bulk and volumes make the looks very very interesting.  Very Craig Green and Joseph SS17.  Wait I think , this is the main theme for last season .. hmmm.


OUTFIT / Opaque - Transparent

leather choker / Universal Store
neoprene tee with mesh sleeve / Ninthsheep
tailored pants / Helmut Lang
boots / Spin wedges
duster coat  

One of my favorite outfits so far. I still love my all-white clothes but it's so hard to keep it stain-free especially at work where you come face to face with dust , pen marks , make up marks everyday. Black gives me that assurance that no mess will ever touch my clothes. The weather being a mental two-faced b*tch is giving me a perpetual headache. It can't decide whether it wants to shower or toast us. Changes every 4 hours or so and I think that this sheer/ covered combo will keep everything in check for the weather. I ever wonder why a cold-loving person like me always end up in a tropical country lol. Can't wait to be on a holiday aka cool snowy country. 


RUNWAY / Joseph SS17

One of the best SS17 collection so far! My favorite at least. It's a late post since if you log on to NOWFASHION.COM , the Menswear F/W collection are already pouring in online every hour (well almost). But i love taking my time. Fashion can be crazy mental fast paced and it can be hard to keep track. I just post my favorite looks and collection in the blog because I love seeing them here. It's like putting random photos on your wall or bedside. Keeps you inspired and happy as an effect. 

Joseph's effect on me was an electrical surge of curiosities, euphoria. Like whenever I see a Comme des Garcons, ACNE , Rick Owens, Celine collection.  Toggles and drawstring have never looked this chic. In the past, they remind me of smelly damp raincoats but the whole collection has the elements that I like in today's fashion. Not trends but just elements. The mental styling, the Craig Green-ish mumbo jumbo layering , the androgyny , the chicness and the story of traveling. I will defo keep an eye out in JOSEPH in the future!


SHOES / It's a tie

Oporto shoes / Wittner 

Choosing colors for shoes are hard. I've been a fan of white shoes and still am however they sort of turned yellow and even with a stain-proofer they are so terribly hard to maintain. I know I have a lot of black shoes but then  I thought the black scrunchy sneakers will lift my black outfits. And then came the taupe shoes which looked like a brown bag turned into a shoe. I just couldn't resist the artwork that is in them. I know they are heavily inspired by PORTS1961 Bee sneakers but Wittner's version is at par from the talented designer's creation. The soft and supple leather wraps the foot in a way that you don't want to wear any other sub-premium shoes. Plus, these are the only shoes that I could wear without socks on. The lining is just akin to ones skin that shoe to skin friction isn't even present. They're the best ever!