OUTFIT / Knot so basic

shirt / Balenciaga
shirt 2 / Emporio Armani
wide pants / thrifted
shoes / Wittner

So obsessed with anything that has bows and knots. First saw it on PORTS 1961 collection with their amazing "bee sneakers". Well,  Wittner shoes has done an amazing version of it with the soft supple leather made in Portugal. I was getting a bit bored of my usual basics so I did enswathed a second shirt on my waist. Instead of a bomber jacket , I used a soft cotton shirt so as not to look heavy. I grabbed 2 ropes from a shopping bag and tied it on my pants. I guess too much of a wide pants isn't flattering on me or whatever. Just trying to channel my inner banal chic sensibilities lol. It's always nice to see and feel change. Maybe I am quite obsessed with bows and knots is because of the upcoming Christmas day. I miss doing Christmas in the Philippines but it is nice to have a warm balmy summer Christmas here in Australia. 

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