OUTFIT / Youthquake

grey shirt / Champion
biker jacket / Nelly  Man
ripped jeans /  Jeanswest
boots / Ann Demeulemeester

So inspired with Vetements right now that I ripped my one and only denim jeans. I don't typically reach out for them as you've noticed but there's always magic when you see them on Margiela, Acne Balmain ( the ripped, shredded, sandpapered 2010 collection!!!). So i've ripped the hem and I love the playfulness of it. Nothing special. Very Marques Almeida. Subtle.  But look at my eyeshadow!I think it's too early for a Saturday to don a scarlet eyeshadow but this is Youthquake era again. Anything goes. Rules only exist in the road ( well if you wanna stay alive and whole) but other than that, you can do whatever you want.

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