OUTFIT / Halloween what?

top / DIY
pants / Giordano
boots / Ann Demeulemeester
hardware accessories / DIY

It's Halloween again! I do love me some horror and gore but i don't know I admit that I am not much of a Halloween fan. I adore the entertainment I guess but I don't really see the core of it.  I have turned down several Halloween parties back in the Philippines. (i miss my crazy friends!) but here I've got no choice but to attend parties because it's a small town and you know, why not? That's why I was laughing my heart out when I've watched the halloween episode of "Fresh off the Boat" about Jessica not wanting to participate the festivities of the ghouls and monsters because she , being a fan of Stephen King ( like me ughh) , is more inclined to the deep-to-the-marrow- kind of horror. The sort of chill that will leave you frozen and dead inside. Think : "THE SHINING" AND "IT". And hallow's eve or not , I serve myself some Stephen King as much as I can these days. Hell, I would walk to the library just to binge read 4-5 Stephen King books and if I've got time , I'd watch the movie version ( although they don't give justice that much).

In regards to fashion, I have always drawn to the darkness as interpreted by Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garcons and now Vetements. They're the kind of designers who opened my eyes to new grounds of beauty and forms. I don't know why? It would've been easier if I had  been a fan of Marc Jacobs, Jeremy Scott or Michael Kors but I love me some darkness. I've got a happy childhood by the way but I just love embracing the odd, the unloved , the night.

So yeah, apparently I am about to take some nap to recharge my body for tonights Halloween party with friends. I couldn't believe I had to drag my partner Larrend to the party DIY shop this morning for some last minute costume shopping of merchandises made in China. I was gonna dress up as Storm but why dress up glam when you can reveal your dark self. LOL. I reckon there'll be thousands of Harlequinns and Kylie Jenner zombies tonight anyway so I think I'm happy with my drag+ s&m + gas mask + mad scientist costume. Whatever! 

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