OUTFIT / Elevate w/ Guidomaggi

COS / tailored vest
pants / Comme des garcons
Neoprene sweater / Ninthsheep
Illinois sneaker / Guidomaggi

It's a perfect day today! it's a public holiday although I am working. I love love working here in Australia. The workload is just so damn light . Considering that I've worked like a dog in a hospital back then , I think working here is like an apprenticeship thing. No stress, no pressure. You just show up, smile to people and do your job. No dramas and negativity. People are happy and cheerful and everybody is just friendly. To include the perfect-ness of the day, I am wearing my Guidomaggi Illinois sneakers today. I've been so waiting for them for like a month. It's from a luxury Italian shop that makes handmade leather shoes for men. I  never usually buy men's shoes because they seem so long on me and not to mention the usual offerings of brogues, chelsea boots, chukka boots which bores me to death. I mean why not wear exciting women's shoes if they fit anyways? Although i have to say that these sneakers are just lit! Construction and design-wise. I will blog a more detailed photo of the shoe construction! It completes the look so much and i think it's very me. It's like a hybrid of a Nike airforce and a Rick Owens which I love and the high grade leather is just so buttery and luxe. It is also worth noting that it gives you an added 3 inches since it's a elevator shoes. I used to buy like foam inserts before but this one is just the perfect way to go. 

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