PHOTODIARY / Arizona Grande

With spring / summer arriving subtly like a whiff of sea salt on a sticky day, I went and rummaged my vacation photos in Vegas/ Arizona.  As I scan them,  I could recall  the heat and excitement and sweat. So vivid that I've spent a couple of minutes going over them and just remembering the lightness of being in a foreign place. That's why vacations are ideal and recommended because it breaks the monotony of life. If you're always in your comfort zone , you predict every move and sound. You become a zombie of your own time + place. But if you're ,say, in Japan or Barcelona , you never know what's the next street up or what the small pink store is trying to sell. Adventure might be expensive but it is priceless. So here I am regretting all the unnecessary expenses I've made this year that could've been our travel money somewhere. Oh well! I wouldn't mind looking at the photos again. 

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