OUTFIT / 90's + Studio Ghibli

grey sweater top
pleated   wide leg pants / Issey Miyake
platform Derby / JC
Vegan  cross-body bag / Uncommon Goods

I am on a Studio Ghibli marathon these past few weeks. It brought me into that place where me and my brothers used to watch it on VHS on Saturdays. I love Disney cartoons but Studio Ghibli's animations have that serene , mysterious and slice-of-life vibe into it whereas Disney's are mostly historical and fantasy. Re-watching it again made me see the film in a more richer perspective. Yes, Howl's Moving Castle made me cry! Plus,  I've noticed how lovely the outfits are too! Since most of it were created in the late 80's to the mid 90's , a rampant use of turtlenecks and billowy business pants were evident on most characters. Jil Sander would be proud! Thanks to the crisp winter weather  I was able to enswathe in turtle neck and wool pants.

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