BEAUTY / Shiseido Perfect Refining

I love love fluid foundations! I dont know but i think it is the idea of like buying a new skin from a store that you can use whenever. When you struggled from acne, the idea of having that perfect canvas of a skin is always the priority that is why im so happy that cosmetics company has upped their technology in bringing in that skin-like au naturelle lightweight finish that isn't so ubiquitous in the distant past. 

The little black square plastic bottle may be devoid of that luxurious feel however inside is a fluid that transforms skin into SKIN! I love how lightweight and yellow based it is. It reminded me so much of Chanel's perfection lumiere velvet  however Shiseido has a more yellw based shades that I like. Ive come to realiZe that fluid foundations nowadays adapt very well to your skin tone. It's a thing in the past when colors could really look so alienating to your skin should you use a shade that's not quite your match . Let's admit it, finding the exact perfect match doesn't always happen. 

This Shiseido perfect refining foundation lasts for 5 hours max which is quite reasonable since I dont normally work or go out beyond that duration . It's very lightweight although I have to set it with. a light dusting of a powder plus it dries into a semi-matte finish. It's also worthy to say that my bruatlly oily skin doesn't respect demi matte or semi matte finish but this one's a pretty decent catch.  Overall i love the black bottle. Sometimes I just take it out in my drawer and hold it and stare at it but beyond that I use it most of the time when I feel that the Dior Skin Star or Hourglass may be too flawless and perfect for a laidback mood.


RUNWAY / Eudon Choi S/S 2017

credits: Nowfashion, Business of Fashion, Vogue

I've always been fond of Choi's manner of finding a poetic balance between menswear and softness. Eudon has a way of peeling of the unnecessary elements and revealing a core which is his style. The random discord of buttons and the slight deviation of shapes evokes ease and lightness as always. I would love to see the shoes in person too. It reminded me of Acne's emoji sneakers instead Eudon Choi's version has a more banal edge to it.



Oversize leather vest / thrifted
beige tee / ASOS
pants / Comme des Garcons
shoes / JC

Took these photos somewhere far far from town. It was approx. an hour or 2 hour drive with nothing but mountains , the virgin prairies and the endless highway. It was fun although in the back of my mind , we could be a hapless victim of the Children of the corn. You know, there's gotta be a way that they're real! Too much Stephen King books lately** and yes ! I am slowlyyyy conquering my fear of driving. Thanks to my partner whose patience is as long as a...highway. I wish driving is as easy as riding a bump car. Well, you gotta learn things I guess and as much as I love my daily walk to work, it's not gonna cut it.


OUTFIT / 90's + Studio Ghibli

grey sweater top
pleated   wide leg pants / Issey Miyake
platform Derby / JC
Vegan  cross-body bag / Uncommon Goods

I am on a Studio Ghibli marathon these past few weeks. It brought me into that place where me and my brothers used to watch it on VHS on Saturdays. I love Disney cartoons but Studio Ghibli's animations have that serene , mysterious and slice-of-life vibe into it whereas Disney's are mostly historical and fantasy. Re-watching it again made me see the film in a more richer perspective. Yes, Howl's Moving Castle made me cry! Plus,  I've noticed how lovely the outfits are too! Since most of it were created in the late 80's to the mid 90's , a rampant use of turtlenecks and billowy business pants were evident on most characters. Jil Sander would be proud! Thanks to the crisp winter weather  I was able to enswathe in turtle neck and wool pants.


ACCESSORIES / Mini Envelope

Small but terrible ( in a good way) . The numerous pockets and compartments inside make this bag an all-time favourite!  I also love that it is a shrunken version of a men's office envelope satchel. Serious-looking but cute. I can fit my planner, 3 compact powder, my pens, a full sized perfume and protein bar into this bag surprisingly. Plus the smell of genuine leather turns me on overtime I get close to it by 12 inches. I also enjoy wearing it as a cross-body bag. Yas!


OUTFIT / Business clash

I would've opted for a more chill footwear but I wanna avoid creating a pyjama-esque vibe hence the boots! I love boots! I wear boots even in Summer! It's builds a good frame and foundation to my stumpy legs. Next year me and Larrend will be moving to Melbourne which is a huge step for us. So we are both excited for the things to come! There's no perfect place for food and fashion other than that lovely city so bring it on!