OUTFIT / Biker Upgrade

Biker jacket / Zara
Biker pants / ASOS

I always feel naked without a jacket on. I am not myself if I fail to at least wear a light cardigan or a bomber jacket. It completes my anatomy. At least, that's what I thought. I feel so good wearing ashoes with heels again! It's been a while. I have been out there wearing 5 inch and up- heels  like they're my regular Crocs but I kind of tamed down a bit because of certain things ( ageing, mood, scenario , change in body built) so now I've resorted to low heels and so my love for it was rekindled. I think if someone appreciates style, he sees past the gender and age and all those demographics that hinder fluidity and creativity. You don't see that man as someone who is wearing heels and you start to question and scratch your head but instead,  you see his power and style and entity. I hope a lot would welcome novelty and ideas. Besides, man in heels isn't such a new thing after all.

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