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I think i can call these my new trusted and favorite skincare ever! I work in a beauty pharmacy and I must say that Hylamide is owning it: packaging, innovation, ingredients.  I am quite excited that they have a vitamin C serum because after  I have tried Paula's Choice, I felt that Vitamin C serums are as important as munching a mandarin everyday. I have used it for 10 months and it would be reasonable to conclude that I have noticed that my skin is brighter and finer. It's not celebrity-photoshopped flawless fine but it is a better version of my irregular and textured facial skin. I love love this brand and you should too!!!

//Hylamide Molecular Booster ( pink)
 OMG! It was my first time to use a product that is loaded with hyaluronic acid. it's so hydrating and light and thirst-quenching to the skin. I used it heaps during the peak of winter and I usually wear it under make up and how it makes my skin softer is just an understatement. It's like a glycerin gel serum and it smells like a chemical I've used in my Chemistry experiment back in Highschool. It does smell like a raw glycerin! I love it!

//Hylamide Pore Delete ( green)
 If you despise , abhor, hate your crater of a pores then this is a must. It's a bit tricky to use because it can distrub how the foundation is sitting on your skin. You can either use it alone which is so great or if you are going to use it with make up on like I do, I suggest using a buffing brush and stipple a small amount on the face especially where large pores are abundant. It can double up as a mattifier too. I love how it instantly perfects, polishes and refines my skin. Just be gentle in dabbing the brush on the face and you're good to go!

I love you, Hylamide!

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