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Stainless wallet /   Theo Stewart 

/ This is yet another one of  the nouveaux treasures I've found at Uncommon Goods. I have to admit, I am not one of those who keeps everything in their trusty wallet. Call myself unorganised but I'd rather not keep all the important stuff in one place in fear that it might get stolen or lost. So when I saw this model which is a novelty of innovation, I knew I had to get it. It's not actually a steel wallet but the resemblance of the PU textile to a stainless steel is uncanny. I love the woven detail that creates that chainlink effect. It's very Margiela!!! Do you know how he creates a perfect mundane article and make it artisanal and peculiar. It is just a simple bi-fold wallet with slots that you can put your cards with. Plus, this stainless steel wallet blocks unauthorized transmission from RFID enabled credit cards & IDs. Nothing clandestine and complicated in the design , just a cool update of the regular men's wallet. I love it!  

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