OUTFIT / Quiet time

Issey Miyake jumpsuit
DIY slides
Pixie+Mood   tote bag from Uncommon  Goods

 I take pride in carrying this tote bag because of its sensibility and style. It looks industrial and discreet without any unnecessary flamboyance that you can see in a regular bag. As seen from my previous post, this bag is from the brand Pixie Mood. You can see a lot of interesting stuff in the Uncommon Goods shop , I tell ya! I am planning to order a nice something for my dad and mom actually because i will be seeing them this Christmas. It was a random cold winter morning and the plan was to read magazines at the park and kill time. This is my favourite hangout place in the winter and I just love being surrounded by its industrial and modern aesthetics. Plus , there aren't many kids around so it's very quiet too.

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