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I was never a bag person. I've only got  5 bags back in the Philippines and when I moved to Australia, I only brought 3 with me. So long as you've got a dependable and roomy pocket in your pants, that counts as a storage/ bag. But a bulky pocket is ugly. It could send a different meaning to others ( no it's not a boner). I love it when a bag comes with a matching clutch bag with it. Saves time, saves money. This lovely cross-body bag is from the store UNCOMMON GOODS. Once in a blue moon, a nice bag crosses my path and it changes the paradigm.  I've been seeing a lot of fashion houses from The Row to Dior that stylized the cross-body bags as a clothing accessory akin to a big necklace. Usually it seamlessly blends with the colour of the top to create that utilitarian dimension. The trick is to shorten the strap , making the bag snugly embedded on the chest. 

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