I've always wanted things that are industrial- inspired. Someday we will be seeing cement-textured leathers , textiles that has a print akin to a grey cement road, artisanal watch that comes with hinges and bolts. It might be happening right now and I am oblivious to it. Just imagine my joy when I received this mammoth of a tote bag from Uncommon Goods. The ombre colour and pebbled vegan leather is fantastic not to mention the modern structure that is genderless and modern. I could even put a baby inside , thanks to its spacious feature. It's perfect for my "reading magazines" day when I wanna sit somewhere quiet and just pour my time reading books and magazines. And since it is grey, it is not dictated by seasons or trend or whatever. It is just a big bag , a big stylish bag. By the way, Uncommon Goods' store is filled with treasure- troves. I literally spent 45 minutes rummaging the pages because it is just a wonderful shop full of unique finds. Like it's the online version of a modern trunkshow/ flea market / DIY-inspired  indie shop and it's based in Brooklyn hence the creative element is truly happening. So if you think, you feel like giving up in finding that perfect gift for someone else or yourself, try Uncommongoods. Trust me!

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