BEAUTY / NARS to see you!


I have always been intrigued by NARS because of the sophistication it possess. Aestethically-wise , i adore the font they used ( what is it btw?) and the minimal packing and design. The problem lies to its expensive price tag as compared to my no fail go-to brands like MAC, Lancome, et al. But along the way I've also learned to try various product because each brand has a specialty product. Hence, there became a window for me to try out different stuff . In this case, it's the NARS All Day Luminous range from NARS. It's not the most perfect product but i enjoy using it so much. I thought that MAC was the only one that could match my golden olive skin tone but NARS' Stromboli shade is a winner ! Not to mention the sleek clean and boxy shape that they come in. It's not the most reliable when you've got terribly oily skin but the packaging makes me reach for it often. A strong visual presentation always conjure that undeniable attraction. it works for me. Just a realization: Isn't it funny how we wear make up to have a natural look when we can just skip make up anyway lol. 

/ Use a mattifying base i.e. BECCA Ever-Matte Primer or Paula's Choice Shine Stopper

// Dispense 1 pump of the foundation and warm  it on the back of the hands using circular motion

/// Dot the foundation on the face ( center of the face , cheekbones , jaw)

//// Buff the product  with a dense brush ( Sigma F80/ Real Techniques' Expert Face Brush ) in small stippling motion and then  light circular motions thereafter , carefully not disturbing the foundation's bond with the skin 

///// Grab a fluffy powder brush using the NARS All Day Luminous Powder 
and tap it on the face gently for shine control and added coverage


OUTFIT / Quiet time

Issey Miyake jumpsuit
DIY slides
Pixie+Mood   tote bag from Uncommon  Goods

 I take pride in carrying this tote bag because of its sensibility and style. It looks industrial and discreet without any unnecessary flamboyance that you can see in a regular bag. As seen from my previous post, this bag is from the brand Pixie Mood. You can see a lot of interesting stuff in the Uncommon Goods shop , I tell ya! I am planning to order a nice something for my dad and mom actually because i will be seeing them this Christmas. It was a random cold winter morning and the plan was to read magazines at the park and kill time. This is my favourite hangout place in the winter and I just love being surrounded by its industrial and modern aesthetics. Plus , there aren't many kids around so it's very quiet too.



Another delayed post but nevertheless worth sharing to anyone who loves NYC or travel per se. I am so not regretting spending my savings in this travel. Up until now , I still dream of being in NYC. It's winter now here in Australia but traveling to NYC in winter has created a legit benchmark of what is  #winter #itscoldoutside. From 0 to Freezer, it was a freezer weather indeed! One night it was so cold and I was dreaming I was in NYC and I told myself that I will come back. Wiser and more warmer perhaps. One thing to never forget is huge amounts of moisturizer, leggings, lipbalm and a genuine leather jacket you can count on. Oh no and you cannot expose your skin into the atmosphere unless you are a legit local or a tourist from Sweden. I apologize for not being able to snap more photos. I had an ADD moment whenever I get on the bus or walk the streets. It's hard to focus on one thing and you've only got 24 hours in a day , you see! I would've snapped more photos of fashionable people or people talking and having coffee but they move so fast and it's hard to be a photographer in that city because everything / everyone can be a subject and I chose to capture the moments with my own senses rather than with a device, if you will. But the buildings are so cool! I know I havent been to a lot of cities to have a standard of what's cool or not but NYC is undoubtedly a sight to see.



 I've always wanted things that are industrial- inspired. Someday we will be seeing cement-textured leathers , textiles that has a print akin to a grey cement road, artisanal watch that comes with hinges and bolts. It might be happening right now and I am oblivious to it. Just imagine my joy when I received this mammoth of a tote bag from Uncommon Goods. The ombre colour and pebbled vegan leather is fantastic not to mention the modern structure that is genderless and modern. I could even put a baby inside , thanks to its spacious feature. It's perfect for my "reading magazines" day when I wanna sit somewhere quiet and just pour my time reading books and magazines. And since it is grey, it is not dictated by seasons or trend or whatever. It is just a big bag , a big stylish bag. By the way, Uncommon Goods' store is filled with treasure- troves. I literally spent 45 minutes rummaging the pages because it is just a wonderful shop full of unique finds. Like it's the online version of a modern trunkshow/ flea market / DIY-inspired  indie shop and it's based in Brooklyn hence the creative element is truly happening. So if you think, you feel like giving up in finding that perfect gift for someone else or yourself, try Uncommongoods. Trust me!