OUTFIT / Softness

ASOS  top
Issues Miyake pants
leather bag 
JC platform shoes
Super leather  wrap

It's a brand new day. Brand new perspective. I am thrilled about what I've been seeing in the menswear right now. the softening of the look, the conjuring the 1970's romantic , the music era and that fab glam overload. Studs was 2010 while Silk is the now. Not being a fashion Hitler here but that's merely my observation. Deadly delicate is the key term. It suits me well at this point of my life. No loud music ( except Beyonce if that's considered loud) , no club dancing anymore (ugh, I'm sorry but ). Only softness, refinement , lazy eyed guys in skinny tops and mammoth pants with floral something and a silk wrapped around their necks. I tried it and i love it. Wait til' I lose 10 lbs more and I'll be some guy in that magazine editorial wearing Alessandro Michele's Gucci and there's no stopping me haha. For now, this.


SHOES / Hovercraft

platforms /  here

They're super cute! They remind me of bumper boats that I used to ride in theme parks way back.  I just love elevator shoes in a way I get excited about Cheesecake and seedless grapes. Creepers were so so popular before that it kind of influenced me to be more interested about elevator shoes in all forms. I love it when the platforms have that architectural flair going on. Can't wait to try it with slouchy pants.


LIFE / Thursday

10 Magazine
YSL Fusion Ink
Hylamide Pore Delete
NARS Ita Brush
MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Beauty, beauty, beauty.. Nothing inspires me but beauty. 10 Magazine keeps me company. i just love the humorous undertones in each article. Plus , my beauty arsenal and my new bag! Happy Thursday!


PHOTODIARY / Bryant Park to Brooklyn Bridge

No travel book or blog can ever describe the magnificent presence of New York. 2 weeks prior our visit, I borrowed this New York tour guide book just to acquaint me with this and that but seeing the city in person made me forgot of the things I read.Once you're there , you are your own map. As soon as you set your foot there , you just can't avoid getting lost. Like a clown fish,  you swim along the tide of New yorkers and the slow ones perish. They walk fast and i mean it. There was even a local who yelled "i hate tourists! they're fucking slow" . I wanna shout back at him and say " we paid good money just to be here so  fck off "  haha. But it was funny nevertheless. I would never forget that one night while i was having a me time. I was tired and thirsty from finding Sephora and one man asked me for directions. Being mistaken as a local , well, a local of NYC , was just awesome. Maybe i wasnt smiling that time or like the others, i was walking like a robot. The thing with traversing Manhattan is you'll never get lost that badly.As long as you know how to count,   youll be fine.The streets are numbered chronologically and the areas are divided into east or west. That's it! Also , you'll find  a really popular landmark that you probably have seen in a scene from sex and the city or any tv series and you won't get that scared anymore .  Maybe because you'rein a place that you can relate to and you just feel safe to be part of this really remarkable city that even being lost is a good thing. Almost everyone had imagined themselves as Carrie Bradshaw prancing the streets of 5th avenue without an ounce of fear. That's what I've felt when i was walking alone. The rule is you ignore people who would ask for money ( for drugs/alcohol) and just walk straight. And always pay attention to the street signs.Oh  it was freezing that week! Whenever we go out to our hotel, it's like being on a war with the snow queen and we die freezing. I dont even care about fashion anymore , I just layer whatever and i just wanna feel warm . Now i know how Leonardo felt like in the movie The Revenang  when he used the horse corpse  as a duvet. Can you imagine we need to layer up to 6 times just to feel "okay" . Ahhh but i miss the cold. The New York cold.  It really felt like we were in Narnia. Whenever i open the fridge here at home , I close my eyes and imagine New York. 
Take me back to New York, please.