Finding Times Square


This was our second night in New York. We were lucky that our hotel is just 8 blocks from the Times Square. When we were walking around the streets , I realized how lucky I am to have been part of this remarkable city in my timeline. What made me realize more is how I felt a bit jealous with the locals  , the true New Yorkers. They're just walking and doing un-special things in the city while we record videos of our "breath fogs" coming from our mouth and break our necks from craning back and forth . There's so much to see, so much to do. And yes , it was freezing! I was like so this is how a water feels like when they are mercilessly put inside an ice tray in the freezer. If it wasn't for the extreme cold , we would've endured more explorations but the freezing temperature made our joints stiff. It was nearly impossible to move . We enter H&M stores and random coffee shops just to warm up what's left on our un-frozen body. But I love love the experience nevertheless.

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