It is without question that I fancy white clothes . They're like in my elusive category list which includes ladies' pants with big back pockets , or oversized t-shirt with a very snug round neck. They're virtually nowhere these days. The dying breed . Thankfully, OUIBONJOUR , a Berlin-based unisex online store , bestowed me this cute and lovely sweater. It is also worth mentioning that the LOGO MANIA - themed sweater was cleverly designed. So the wording was obscurely printed monochromatically in a way Calvin Klein does its signature CK prints. It whispers, it doesnt scream ( hello , Kenzo , Moschino and the gang ). Whenever I think of sweaters , I immediately picture out  sweaty underarms and soiled workout pants. My thought process can be a bit morbid but when I see this paper white sweater, I think of  my 16 year old  self, pure but not stupid  .. just clean and neat , showered in the morning kind of neat,  ready for school. You can buy them here okay? Stop salivating.

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