pants / ASOS
shoes / Converse Rubber 

 Hello! So this is me wearing the OUI BONJOUR sweater from my previous blog post. Isn't it so lovely? See , I am a small guy with a wide body. I reckon  you would wear this better than me . I just have this passion of blogging my outfits .. since 2009. Oh my God! I am turning 29 this year and I am still here. Even though the friendly Aussies here think I am just 17. No joke! I always believe that your weaknesses can work as  your charm , in my case, my height. And allow me to say, there's something about wearing sweater that rewinds your age in a snap. Not to mention , wearing it with a pair of dirty Converse sneakers. I don't wanna be that person who hides age beneath his clothing. But it still makes your heart melt when you are accused of being way too young than you actually were. Youth is power.




It is without question that I fancy white clothes . They're like in my elusive category list which includes ladies' pants with big back pockets , or oversized t-shirt with a very snug round neck. They're virtually nowhere these days. The dying breed . Thankfully, OUIBONJOUR , a Berlin-based unisex online store , bestowed me this cute and lovely sweater. It is also worth mentioning that the LOGO MANIA - themed sweater was cleverly designed. So the wording was obscurely printed monochromatically in a way Calvin Klein does its signature CK prints. It whispers, it doesnt scream ( hello , Kenzo , Moschino and the gang ). Whenever I think of sweaters , I immediately picture out  sweaty underarms and soiled workout pants. My thought process can be a bit morbid but when I see this paper white sweater, I think of  my 16 year old  self, pure but not stupid  .. just clean and neat , showered in the morning kind of neat,  ready for school. You can buy them here okay? Stop salivating.


Finding Times Square


This was our second night in New York. We were lucky that our hotel is just 8 blocks from the Times Square. When we were walking around the streets , I realized how lucky I am to have been part of this remarkable city in my timeline. What made me realize more is how I felt a bit jealous with the locals  , the true New Yorkers. They're just walking and doing un-special things in the city while we record videos of our "breath fogs" coming from our mouth and break our necks from craning back and forth . There's so much to see, so much to do. And yes , it was freezing! I was like so this is how a water feels like when they are mercilessly put inside an ice tray in the freezer. If it wasn't for the extreme cold , we would've endured more explorations but the freezing temperature made our joints stiff. It was nearly impossible to move . We enter H&M stores and random coffee shops just to warm up what's left on our un-frozen body. But I love love the experience nevertheless.


New York times!

photos by Larrend

Hello !!! I'm back ! after a long hiatus , i have found the energy to post our New York photos here on my blog. I encourage everyone to visit this magnificent place . I keep on telling Larrend that we should come back. I will be uploading more photos and stories soon.