OUTFIT / Knot so basic

shirt / Balenciaga
shirt 2 / Emporio Armani
wide pants / thrifted
shoes / Wittner

So obsessed with anything that has bows and knots. First saw it on PORTS 1961 collection with their amazing "bee sneakers". Well,  Wittner shoes has done an amazing version of it with the soft supple leather made in Portugal. I was getting a bit bored of my usual basics so I did enswathed a second shirt on my waist. Instead of a bomber jacket , I used a soft cotton shirt so as not to look heavy. I grabbed 2 ropes from a shopping bag and tied it on my pants. I guess too much of a wide pants isn't flattering on me or whatever. Just trying to channel my inner banal chic sensibilities lol. It's always nice to see and feel change. Maybe I am quite obsessed with bows and knots is because of the upcoming Christmas day. I miss doing Christmas in the Philippines but it is nice to have a warm balmy summer Christmas here in Australia. 


OUTFIT / Work + Play + Spin

spin brogues / ACNE  studios


RUNWAY / Comme des Garcons SS17

I think my clothes are okay until I saw another explosive collection from the Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garcons. The pieces are beyond. They're more than your pant, suit , jacket. They're mementos of her emotions, entities of her vision. We will never have another Rei Kawakubo in the coming generations and it's truly sad thinking about it. She's still alive though as her creations are. But she shall live forever. Unsmiling and watching all of us under her fierce black symmetrical fringe. 


BEAUTY / Illamasqua ( base + blush )

Theatrical make up products perfect for everyday use. I love the Rich Liquid foundation because it has a really nice satin finish with medium coverage . Paired with the Velvet blush which is a cream blush that dries into a matte tint , the look is very refined and healthy.  I hope I could post a photo of me wearing it. I am so busy with working + working out + resting so i have been slacking my ass in my blogging. But this is a blog anyway which means there is no deadline or pressure at all. Just thought I'd share these lovely images and the gospel of Illamasqua's perfection.


OUTFIT / #mantailored

Tailored longline vest / COS
pants /  Toga
tanktop / H&M
Boots / here

Tanned arms. Cuffed pants. Sleeveless things. Matte make up. And it's 13 days before Christmas... Summer and Christmas is happening at the same time here. Not too bad.


OUTFIT / Head to toe Cut-out

Well , the warm season is getting berserk. I do love the sunny side of it but damn, the balm+moisture is too much sometimes.Plus , I still can't let go of my pants, boots , and outerwear just because. So cut-out pieces help in a way. Like 25% of it.


SHOES / Spin

Spin brogues / ACNE 

When you love brogues but you love height as well. One of the greatest shoes ever made in the history of fashion. It looked like it's been warped by some crazy shoe wizard and made it look exaggerated almost comical and yet it worked! and yes they're one of my oldest shoe in the closet that I retrieved back from the Philippines. yey!


OUTFIT / Shirt to skirt

scuba shirt / Ninthsheep
pinstripe shirt /  TEMT
leather neckpiece / Universal Store
denim pants / LEVI's

I coudn't deny that there is a new pinstripe that has emerged in the trendy section. The navy blue pinstripes that I extremely loved since 2012 has a paler sister. I do love the baby blue color and the lightness although I find that it is not as flattering as the navy version. I have been seeing a lot of this in Jacquemus, JW Anderson ,  Vetements and today I wear them as an accent to basically update my usual uniform. I love it with jeans and black boots. I love the pattern and how it makes it more mundane and grunge-less.