SHOES / Intentionally _______

ahhh it's been a while that i've posted something. Blame it on  our 100 yr. old laptop which recently expired a month ago.  It served us a really impressive length of time so it's okay, no dramas! I had to borrow someone's laptop to post something. Well i can live life without too much technology. I have my phone but I rarely hardly barely check it . I have been  watching Sex and the City episodes on DVD with my bf and i workout and work . That's about it! and the best part is I am happy and contented. Just when I thought that my life of quietude wouldn't be shaken by a material possession , a gift from the heavens arrived at my doorstep. In this case - a square toe mustard shoes from ..... Intentionally Blank. Not from the heavens but from LA.  Still. I've always been wanting to buy a pair from this label however I am on a detox shopping to save money for our big trip next year. But a huge mammoth THANKS to Ty McBride- creative director and le designer of this cool hip fresh footwear label from LA and he happens to be my good friend on the other side of the universe. Shoes have always been our link. We met a couple of years ago when he did the SOLESTRUCK campaign and we styled the cookbook . It was fun! and now he is still haunting me with lovely shoes. I am still a shoe addict andI am just not sure when this cold turkey of shoe shopping detox will end . LOL . Seriously , it doesn't hurt to try new shoes from time to time especially if it is this good!!!

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