CLOTHES / Skin shirt , Awkward Beauty

Skin shirt / DIY

Wearing this is like carrying a second skin. It's really heavy and it feels awkward when I wear it on but on the same note  I like awkward. I find beauty whenever a person wears something peculiar and interesting. I am just so tired with overperfection and rules ( "this flowy top should go with this flared pants") . When something doesn't fit or look as expected by the norms, people begin to notice. I think people have gotten used to detect things in their daily activity that bothers them ( even if it should not) . Things that disrupts the normal flow of things but what is normal  btw?  Oftentimes we hear people : "My white shirt has a lot of crease " , "your jacket is 3x your size" ,  "my coffee is too sweet" , or " lipstick is too red for her hair color" . The other day i couldnt stop staring at a girl who was  wearing a pair of hyper distressed pants in the mall, a dead ringer of Margiela's shredded pants. She was so confident and I love love the way she carried the outfit . For others , it would be an abomination , a violation of the normalcy of the pants. For Me:  A breath of fresh air among the sea of goody goody normal pants and it was a sight to see indeed.  Theres always something nice about something wrong