OUTFIT / Favourites

shirt / Ytinifninfinity
pants / Jeanasis

A big foamy shirt . empty room. wide pants . sandals . and my chair. and a perpetual sense of stillness for the day . I couldn't ask for more.


BEAUTY / La Roche- Posay Skincare

La Roche Posay EFFACLAR
La Roche Posay SENSI WHITE
La Roche Posay TOLERIANE

It was love at first sight when I encountered La-Roche Posay at Priceline. The cosmeceutical  French brand is giving me life right now. With its minimal look, gentle formula and yes...their asian-skin targeted products. I love the Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel which smell reminded me of the Diptyque colognes. Whenever I want to cleanse my face in the morning which doesn't require too much foam and suds, I reach for the Toleriane cleanser which is akin to the ever-popular Cetaphil. The last one would be the whitening serum - the Sensi White Essence which I love heaps save for the sticky after feel. But when applied at night, It is packed with Vitamin C hence expect to wake up feeling bright and refreshed. If you ever feel intimidated with the funny French names and words on the packaging, please don't. Let it be an avenue for curiosity like I did and try one or two or 8 of their products and be amazed.. 


SHOES / Elevate x 2

I've been wearing more sandals here lately. Most Aussies even go barefoot in the mall, everywhere and me being a shoe crazed person realized that shoes may be a bit dressy for an ordinary day. So just introducing you to two of my shoe bff's right now. They're ultra comfy and ultra.,.cheap too! haha. I have been acquiring that who-cares attitude here also. Maybe soon, I will go barefoot as well during a day of errands.