CLOTHES / Ytinifninfinity aka Mallow shirt


I know I've blogged/ tweeted/ instagrammed this marshmallow of a shirt but I can't get enough of it.. Just reminding you, guys I am still in love with anything foamy/ futuristic / basic . I love this so much. Again, thanks BKBT Concept for this .


OUTFIT / Winter Mornings

Wool coat / CN Direct
pinstripe pants / CN Direct
fleece shirt / ASOS
shoes / Dr. Martens
neckpiece / Margiela x H&M

There's a sense of slackness come winter time and all you want to do all day is sleep in bed or bring the comforter anywhere you go. Thankfully, CN Direct sent me winter goodies and I am enjoying every part of it! I'm wearing their coat and pinstripe pants here which are so cozy and warm. I am battling dry skin as of the moment. It had never occur to me that once in my life I'll get dry skin but surprise surprise. I want my oily skin back! It's almost September and I just couldn't fathom how time flies so fast!  


COLLECTION / Christopher Shannon FW / 15

Im a lover of minimalism , that's purely evident. However there's nothing a designer like Christopher Shannon could fix. There is no denying his creative humor and novelty to warp menswear in a more exciting place. The plastic bag mask is clever! There's a lot of those in our house. Rampant plastic bags from wet markets and random stores in the streets.  Now i know what purpose  will it serve me . I think it will be the next big thing in a banal sense. Remember the masking tape as cuffs by JW Anderson? Margiela's bubble wrap shirt? Any art form and expression is permissible now. When everything else begins to taste like beans, a chockfull of variety isn't bad


OUTFIT / Cuts + Contrast

I am still enjoying winter here however at noon time , the temperature would always rise. I always bring with me this vest just in case I will be needing that extra warmth you yearn for when it gets chilly. It's good to pair it with something transparent and lightweight , in this case, my mesh tee. They're a perfect contrast of light and heavy although they share the same hue. That's why it's been very easy to dress up in monochrome outfit. It  creates an avenue to play more on textures and shapes . I couldn't be bothered anymore with mixing colors and whatnot. I know it's extra fun but for me the exciting parts are  on the fabrics and cuts.


BEAUTY / Perfection Lumiere Velvet by Chanel

After receiving a generous sample of this foundation during a random trip to the Chanel counter at Myer , i have never  abandoned the idea of getting one of this for myself. Ive always  had a prejudiced concept that Chanel's products are for mature women of 50's and above. Where did i even get that? I think it's because I have this bestfriend who has a grandma and she would tell me that her granny's beauty stash only revolves on 2 brands : Chanel and Elizabeth Arden. And whenever I hear of Chanel cosmetics, I imagine an old-fashioned woman wearing pearls and pencil skirt. That was before hey. I have matured and explored new beauty horizons . Add to the fact that I have read Chanel's biography,  making me respect her brand more and all that she has made. 

This foundation is one of a kind. It's a new breed modern foundation that specially caters oily skinned people like me. The magic : the runny liquid dries into a velvety powder finish that feels cool and clean . You know that feeling when you just had a refreshing wash. It's light and natural. I dont expect it to have that MAC-heavyduty-photoshoot-feel that looks flawless. This base is flawless too but it's more on the "feeling" than being "flawless-looking" if that makes sense. Ive never worn a foundation that makes you feel like you have a very nice velvety skin. However , just like Cinderella has curfew, the magical effect of this velvet foundation has limits too. It holds up pretty much 6-7 hours but once your shine seeps thru, your face would look like youve had no foundation at all. Im not saying that the product is prone to melting but it's more on the product has blended into the skin. Remember that after application, a natural skin like effect is achieved so what do you think  would be left once the oil ravages your face? I still love it though! There's no such thing as longwear make up for oily people. There will alwas be drawbacks and cons and downsides in pretty things . I have accepted that one can never get the good in everything 'spite of it's hefty pricetag . I also hate the pinkish shades but I neglected that just because i love this foundation too badly. But apart from its performance i love love the minimal and functional box black bottle. It's a work of art! 


CLOTHES / Lilac shirt

Lilac neoprene tee / Ninthsheep

Made a t- shirt out of the excess lilac fabric I bought for a client. I would wear any color if the fabric is as irresistible as neoprene! It looks fresher in person too..


OUTFIT / Comfort clothes

Top / H&M + diy
pants / Jeanasis Japan
shoes / Dr Marten's  

Me enjoying the vastness of our room before putting our queen-sized bed in it. I rarely wear shorts here . 1.) because of the nasty sandflies. I thought mosquitoes are the most annoying biting insect in this planet until I came across with sandflies. So they bite you and they leave nasty dark marks on the skin plus their bite leaves a burning itchy sensation. omg you can just please give me moquitoes anytime of the day but sandflies are Satan's insects. 2.) it's still winter here and any clothing that invites the crisp cold air is a no no. That's why my culottes are my best option. It's like a hanging movie that leaves you curious of the ending . They're pants but a halfway there kind of pants and I love the silhouette. I normally see old women in culottes here . OMG. I just love how old people dress. They really put a lot of thought and effort in what they are wearing. It's bloody genius. I am a huge fan of minimalism and all white and stuff like that but whenever I see them in their matching jewel tones ala Jil Sander 2009, it makes me happy for some reason. The way they create a theme for their outfit is just inspiring. Cue: Anna Piaggi + all the stylish nana. Yes we all have comfort clothes. Me being a clean-loving creature , an all gray monochromatic ensemble would do. But I still love colors on other people.