OUTFIT / Vegan Biker

PU Biker Jacket / Nelly Man
pants / Zara Man

I have failed to mention in my last posts that i've just turned vegetarian . I think ive started last June and it feels amazing! It is a herculean task i must say but becoming a vegetarian is not only result of a healthy aspiration but also an effect of awareness. I love leather but thinking about the cows (and calf) that has to be sacrificed for a meter of leather made me weak in the knees. i think There's always something bad or good that an individual do in this world and it all boils down to making choices. So in my small little way i chose not to eat meat . Now i understand why stella mccartney prefers vegan leather for her luxury goods. She must have been using ultra hi quality vegan leather for her pieces because the price could speak for itself. So here i am enjoying my faux leather biker jacket. I will be handling it with utmost care ( minimizing laundry ) to extend it's pristine state. I have bad experiences with faux leather clothing and the key is always not to wash them. My bad! I never thought i would consider choosing a faux jacket but comparing my genuine leather biker (link) , this is more light and wearable. So I'm really happy that NellyMan sent me this awesome beauty! 


  1. Oh wow! That is one gorgeous biker jacket.

  2. Totally in love with your jacket!!!



    1. hello there. thanks. i reckon you have lots of biker too

  3. thumbs up, big time! I can honestly say going vegan was one of my best decisions ever, I just love it. I'm doing it primarily for the animals, of course, but it has made my life better in countless ways, too! the jacket looks great, your photos got me thinking of getting one for myself :)