OUTFIT / Sunday, Sunscreen + Sand

Leather PU vest / Crossroads
black pants / Uniqlo
leather platform mandals 
shirt/ Zara

Going to places has always been easy here in Mackay. The beach is 6 minutes away, the mall is 2 min- drive or 20 minute walk, the cafe shop is just 3 blocks from home. My boyfriend even made me a map during the first few weeks that I came here. Everywhere is accessible and easy and time-friendly. The only problem is driving. I hate driving . The thought of it paralyzes me. One afternoon, he let me park the car in our driveway and it was the most terrifying moment of my life. Someday there'll be a way for me to learn but for now I am enjoying being the passenger. Would it suck to miss the beautiful sceneries while driving ? I mean drivers tend to focus on road signs and stop lights and streets and I enjoy sight seeing so much. We went to this beautiful beach which I obviously forgot. It has a cliff that is overlooking the mammoth rock formations on the shore. A dead ringer of a scenic setting from Lord of the Rings or whatever. I never thought I could enjoy nature since I've always been a city dweller. Buildings and architecture are what inspires me mostly but living here is like a daily holiday. Lucky!