LIFE / New Space

I couldnt contain my ripe excitement to share tidbits of our house project : rennovation. It was a minimal revamp of my partner's house . We changed the brown blinds to light roman blinds in white. We've been selling old furnitures and buying new ones for the whole week. To compound, we have been painting incessantly walls , doors , tables, and doors. A true mark of a grown up individual! It was my birthday and when I got home , the carpet was scraped off and the new PVC floor boards in oak white were installed flawlessly by my man. The best gift ever is having a white room and waking up with the sun bursting inside the small space , illuminating every bits and corners. I just love love our new place. I think I've finished 3 books ever since we moved in. It just makes the mind more relaxed and inspired. Also, we did some closet editing and we donated heaps of clothes to the Op shop so yeahhh.. more space, more fun. 


  1. Happy belated birthday and love the look of the interiors :) xx

  2. omg do you have bending art? this home is a dream, it's so nice to hear you two worked together to make it a home! Congratulations on being adult!

    1. i have to look what bending art means haha.. thanks so much Cyeoms!