OUTFIT / Skin , Stripes

          Neoprene top / Nintsheep
Pinstripe pants / Zara

/ My boyfriend Larrend loves taking his photos in nude. He couldn't be bothered figuring out what top to wear or maybe he is just more on the artistic expression of his skin. I love sharing to readers what I wore because for me clothes are an extension of a current mood or a bottled-up feeling. I've been doing this for years and maybe I may have tamed down a bit with the "editorial-ity" of it all but I still enjoy it that's for sure. This would be the closest nude I could show for myself. I'm just so inspired with Margiela's beige stocking top that Ive always imagined myself wearing something close to that. As a homage to the recent Margiela's collection , I paired the nude top with a pinstripe pants . An excellent contrast of elements. Simple things make me happy nowadays. I've always thought that clothes should be dressy and climactic but there are other side of  things in this world that can work as well.