CLOTHES / Blue or Gray?

neoprene shirt / Ninthsheep 

This is the foamy shirt I made recently. It's a long-line style with big sleeves and asymmetrical hem.  I will show a photo of myself wearing this once I've escaped my busy schedule. When I bought the fabric, I thought it was gray. When I went home under a different lighting, it suddenly turned light powdery blue!? I asked my mom and she assured me it was gray and sarcastically advised me to have my eyes checked. It reminded me of Calvin Klein's sky collection where he featured new blues like livid blue and cornflower blue. I have a thing with fluidity and this color is a depiction of one. Blurring the notion of color and creating a concept of something different. It may look more blue on the computer too but in person it's more of grey. 


OUTFIT / Skin , Stripes

          Neoprene top / Nintsheep
Pinstripe pants / Zara

/ My boyfriend Larrend loves taking his photos in nude. He couldn't be bothered figuring out what top to wear or maybe he is just more on the artistic expression of his skin. I love sharing to readers what I wore because for me clothes are an extension of a current mood or a bottled-up feeling. I've been doing this for years and maybe I may have tamed down a bit with the "editorial-ity" of it all but I still enjoy it that's for sure. This would be the closest nude I could show for myself. I'm just so inspired with Margiela's beige stocking top that Ive always imagined myself wearing something close to that. As a homage to the recent Margiela's collection , I paired the nude top with a pinstripe pants . An excellent contrast of elements. Simple things make me happy nowadays. I've always thought that clothes should be dressy and climactic but there are other side of  things in this world that can work as well. 


COLLECTION / Sunnei S/S 2015

Instead of dreaming about knits, I envision myself wearing white shirts and comfy blue denim all winter. Sunnei just released a new collection featuring those two important elements. 


CLOTHES / Abusing Acne

Using this sweater over and over again .. love the texture too. 


BEAUTY / Blue de Chanel

I've been reading a biography book of Chanel and I've learned that she was the pioneer in designing a sleek and minimal perfume bottle that was alien during the 1920's . She truly revolutionized the sensibility of dressing in women and it further trickled down to the designs of her perfume bottles, echoing her strong vision of change. This perfume is more than a perfume to me. 


OUTFIT / Leather versus light

Leather biker jacket / Vintage
shirt / Ninthsheep
pants / Uniqlo

Lovely day today. So busy renovating our house-to be. It was my first time applying wallpapers, installing blinds , painting walls. and it was fun. I was doing it with my partner and I am more of his assistant than the lead. I can't wait to show you , guys, the result of our hardwork.


SHOES / 1461's

Luck is finding a pair of  shoe that you've been coveting for in a second hand shop  , double luck if its still brand new. I've been looking out for discount deals online of Dr Marten's 1461 in monochrome but here in Australia, this brand is just expensive. I've been to gumtree but still, brand new ones are priced from 100 dollars up. I wasn't even planning on going to a second hand shop this week but me and my boyfriend were  roaming around town. It was an unexpected moment when I saw my dream shoe , 2 meters away from where I stood,  perched on the shelves with a tag of 50 dollars (199AUD original price). A bargain indeed! I wouldn't call this an impulsive purchase because I've been wanting to have this shoe since the beginning . These are the perfect "go-to" shoes that seamlessly blend well with all my outfit. My white ones have been lambasted for 2 years now and this black one is just perfect! There were times that I almost bought this online but I controlled myself not to and now I see the reason why. Second hand shops are the answer for anyone who doesn't wanna spend big on  purchases right away. You may or may not find the stuff that you specifically want but when you do, it's like a magical moment that you cannot explain. 


INSPIRATION / (Wo) menswear by Margaret + Margiela

I would give up skinnies and shorts for culottes just to actualize these looks by the game changers, Margiela and Margaret Howell. The two share a keen favor for well-crafted, classic aesthetics, albeit expressed in markedly different ways; Howell  refines while Margiela redefines. These collections might be anti-curvy and boxy , but it doesn't cancel the softness of the woman. Women who dress in mannified spunk excites me so much! 


LIFE / Clouds

When you feel that the world you are in is too congested with noise, too crowded , too populated by stress... Just look up and stare at the vast and infinite sky and you will feel alone . The kind of solitude that reaffirms peace of mind and energy as it cancels the unnecessary. Just like this fave shirt of mine. Whenever i feel that there is too much going on, I pick up this white shirt and with it I achieve contentment.


ACCESSORIES / Tough trinkets

My accessory rule : wear the unwearable . In a sense , these accessories aren't the popular ones in the it jewelry crowd but I selected them because for me , they are more appealing than any gem in the stores here. I love the copper tube ring so much. The headband looking metal is a neckpiece and it adds a spunk to my most basic shirts. It makes my neck feel cool as well.