OUTFIT / Simplicity over decoration

scuba raw tee / Ninthsheep
hi waist navy pants / thrifted
monochrome derby / Dr. Martens

It's been a while since I've worn my ever precious monochrome Dr Marten's outside. I have been very careful of it ever since I saw early signs of minimal cracking and dirt accumulation in the soles. Blame my rough cleaning habits, imagine I almost soaked it wet with detergent once to remove the grime and dirt? I have thought of buying a new one to replace it but I just can't. It would be the anti-thesis of being a minimalist indeed. There is nothing a good leather care and maintenance can't fix they say so that's what I did. After use, I always apply leather cream and antibacterial spray on the soles. It's just a lovely sight to see my white docs again. A true testament that Dr Martens  completes any outfit in a breeze.


  1. Very nice...your shoes are perfect

  2. I swear I saw those monochrome DMs in a thrift store, all legit. I wanted to buy it but it came in size 6 and I'm a 9 :((( that hurt so bad.