OUTFIT / First Winter

Making this foam jacket in good use for winter. I am having a love/ hate relationship with the cold weather.  I am beginning to have dry skin on my legs and fingers but I just love the feeling of the coldness on my cheeks. Taking a shower can be a pain. Even having a light jog in the afternoon is mission impossible if not, a sure fail attempt to battle nature. It's just really cold and I don't have to experience snow to validate it. It's my first time to experience Winter time and wherever you go you cannot escape it that's why having a thick outerwear is so helpful. For the first time, I do not see the sun as the enemy but a salvation from being frozen . When I sit in the park, I would choose the bench where the sun is directly hitting the spot. The sun's warmth is amazing.  For the first time, I wear thick clothes here not for fashion but for necessity.  I must say that even neoprene pieces can't withstand the chilly weather no more and I am surprisingly craving for thicker cable  knits and scarves to feel that warmth. Now I understand the fuss about layering  and knee high boots in winter.