COLLECTION / Melitta Baumeister

After she has released the phenomenal debut collection 2 years ago, I became an instant fan. Out of nowhere , she created a signature look that exposed her talent : minimal and monochrome jackets of explosive proportions, foamy dresses devoid of extra details, all in all a dreamy and strong collection that knows no gender. Everyone including me were waiting for what's next. For her newest collection, She has explored more on long dresses in hi tech fabrics. The fabric used was consistent from what she used during her first two collection but the it had a different effect on the dress. It was a beautiful sight of  body-meets-clothes . I love the skirt band effect that gathered the volume underneath. Another clever first from the young designer. I have observed thag minimal designers have been rehashing the classic pieces and it is truly a diffiuxlt task to engineer a new idea but creativity is the magnet that attracts all things possible and Melitta, nonetheless, has a strong magnet for imagination and greatness.

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