CLOTHES / Big Biker

Leather biker jacket / Vintage

I never had any troubles wearing big clothes. Ever since the epiphany of the Olsen's style struck  me, I have always opted baggy clothes. It's as if I am hiding something behind the generous fabric . I would always reach for large or xl in the dept stores.My trip to thrift stores will always be filled with bountiful purchases of plus size shirts from America and mammoth jackets that would make me look like a mouse garbed in a sack. But this biker jacket in size 5XL , i must say, was a challenge. I was about to dismiss it at the op shop but then " Melitta Baumeister "came to mind and that was it, i bought the jacket and needless to say it was a bargain price too. I have left all my heavy jackets in the Philippines and this one will singlehandedly  make up for any loss.


  1. 5XL!!! Sooooo huge... but the shape is super classic. Love your photos in Aus, happy anniversary to you and Larrend!

  2. First of all love the product shoot direction with the chair and everythig around white so it really pops up. And it is good to give some things a try , tight, oversized and see how it will fit (or not fit ) into your style. I am sure you rock it xx

    1. haha thanks love.. I agree... it's all about finding what's best for your body and look. There are no rules . thanks.. hugs