OUTFIT / Simplicity over decoration

scuba raw tee / Ninthsheep
hi waist navy pants / thrifted
monochrome derby / Dr. Martens

It's been a while since I've worn my ever precious monochrome Dr Marten's outside. I have been very careful of it ever since I saw early signs of minimal cracking and dirt accumulation in the soles. Blame my rough cleaning habits, imagine I almost soaked it wet with detergent once to remove the grime and dirt? I have thought of buying a new one to replace it but I just can't. It would be the anti-thesis of being a minimalist indeed. There is nothing a good leather care and maintenance can't fix they say so that's what I did. After use, I always apply leather cream and antibacterial spray on the soles. It's just a lovely sight to see my white docs again. A true testament that Dr Martens  completes any outfit in a breeze.



Stalking Xander Zhou's archive because... 


OUTFIT / Quietude

shirt / Calvin Klein
pants / Mercibeaucoup
shoes / Converse 
bag / Cava 

Nope. I'm not wearing two pants , they're just one of the crazy ideas of  this jap clothing line Mercibeaucoup . Just another ordinary day out. My outfit could be considered plain. Uniform would be the other but I love moving in easy clothes. You'll never know what could happen during the day so it's always wise to keep it plain but .. interesting. 


CLOTHES / Nude or Nuit

I thought that I would be having a beige season but one shirt is enough. My top go-to colors are white , black and grey. If I feel that I want more color, I would grab a navy top and that's it. Adding beige to my wardrobe is too much I think.Well, It is my nod to Margiela's "skin" top. Most people thought that I was wearing nothing when  I wore this beige top underneath a blazer and it was so funny. Well isn't Margiela a peach of a guy for being so clever and humorous at the same time.


LIFE / Happy Birthday

shirt / Balenciaga
pants w/ wrap kilt / Atsuro Tayama
slides/ Nike 

I dressed up  Larrend for this day! It's one of those rare moments when he would just sit and agree on whatever clothes I coax him to wear. This time he said yes after prodding the beauty of the oversized Balenciaga shirt and if not unique , the eccletic  apron pants from Japan. Then at the last minute he tweaked and edited the styling and I actually liked it! Today we are preparing an intimate dinner at home with friends and family. We will be making tequila shots for everyone and many more. 

Happy birthday to the most adorable guy ever! I love you so much!


SHOES / Double Strap

When my MUJI rubber slip ons gave up after daily usage for 3 years, I was really sad. It was my double strap slip on even before Celine and Zara created their versions however recently  I got myself two pairs in white and black ( for me and for my Larrend) . I love the leather sturdy foot bed and soft leather. 


OUTFIT / First Winter

Making this foam jacket in good use for winter. I am having a love/ hate relationship with the cold weather.  I am beginning to have dry skin on my legs and fingers but I just love the feeling of the coldness on my cheeks. Taking a shower can be a pain. Even having a light jog in the afternoon is mission impossible if not, a sure fail attempt to battle nature. It's just really cold and I don't have to experience snow to validate it. It's my first time to experience Winter time and wherever you go you cannot escape it that's why having a thick outerwear is so helpful. For the first time, I do not see the sun as the enemy but a salvation from being frozen . When I sit in the park, I would choose the bench where the sun is directly hitting the spot. The sun's warmth is amazing.  For the first time, I wear thick clothes here not for fashion but for necessity.  I must say that even neoprene pieces can't withstand the chilly weather no more and I am surprisingly craving for thicker cable  knits and scarves to feel that warmth. Now I understand the fuss about layering  and knee high boots in winter.  


CLOTHES / Big Biker

Leather biker jacket / Vintage

I never had any troubles wearing big clothes. Ever since the epiphany of the Olsen's style struck  me, I have always opted baggy clothes. It's as if I am hiding something behind the generous fabric . I would always reach for large or xl in the dept stores.My trip to thrift stores will always be filled with bountiful purchases of plus size shirts from America and mammoth jackets that would make me look like a mouse garbed in a sack. But this biker jacket in size 5XL , i must say, was a challenge. I was about to dismiss it at the op shop but then " Melitta Baumeister "came to mind and that was it, i bought the jacket and needless to say it was a bargain price too. I have left all my heavy jackets in the Philippines and this one will singlehandedly  make up for any loss.


LIFE / 2nd Year Anniv

Today we are celebrating our 2nd year anniversary! I wouldn't write cliche statements but all I can say is dreams really do come true but it doesn't end there. To achieve it , one must put a lot of efforts and sacrifices for it. When Larrend and I planned on being together in Australia, it also dawned me how my things will change: family , work, friends and my life in general. But building a new life with Larrend brought a lot of meaning and self-discovery. I am learning new things here and it doesn't stop from having a new job or learning how to cook. Everything is NEW. At this point, I thought that I have experienced things that an adult has to experience but I was wrong. Larrend may be a tad younger than me but he is always there guiding me. I love him so much and it's still unbelievable how we made a very hard challenge a reality. This is our reality and when reality at the same time feels like a euphoric dream, then you are but blessed and lucky.I am grateful that we have made it this far and we will be sharing new milestones and moments together in the coming years. I am writing this post to create a time-capsule of us. I may not be too much of an update-whore in my social media account because it can be very exhausting but allow me to continue share tidbits of my life here. Thanks everyone  for being the best supporters of our relationship! Cheers! and Happy 2nd year anniv to my babycake!!!


OUTFIT / Zen and Sea

shirt / Frontrow Shop
shirt / Calvin Klein
pants / Zara
bone necklace / OS Accessories
leather slip-ons

Keeping stress and worries at bay hence a quick walk to the beach. There's nothing more alive than hearing the endless sound of waves against the shore and the abundant and strong sea salt fragrance that clings to every fiber in your clothes. Cosmetic companies have tried to mimic it, put it in a bottle and sell it at stores but getting it first-hand is an experience. I am happy that the beaches here are just 5-minute away from our house. There are only 2 malls here in town ( versus Manila) but living here so far has been a haven of pleasantries.

 Plus no one gives a fuck in whatever you wear here haha


COLLECTION / Melitta Baumeister

After she has released the phenomenal debut collection 2 years ago, I became an instant fan. Out of nowhere , she created a signature look that exposed her talent : minimal and monochrome jackets of explosive proportions, foamy dresses devoid of extra details, all in all a dreamy and strong collection that knows no gender. Everyone including me were waiting for what's next. For her newest collection, She has explored more on long dresses in hi tech fabrics. The fabric used was consistent from what she used during her first two collection but the it had a different effect on the dress. It was a beautiful sight of  body-meets-clothes . I love the skirt band effect that gathered the volume underneath. Another clever first from the young designer. I have observed thag minimal designers have been rehashing the classic pieces and it is truly a diffiuxlt task to engineer a new idea but creativity is the magnet that attracts all things possible and Melitta, nonetheless, has a strong magnet for imagination and greatness.