THINGS / Conceal

Just enjoying my camera and the abundant sunlight with some of my favorite things . The idea of concealing their parts behind a white box intrigues me . What I look for in still life photography is that minimal character where an object is bathed against a white negative space preferably with angular shadows and sun beams. I also love it when a colored object contrasts the whole photo by its print and color more so if a part of it is concealed and a small fraction of it is exposed , say a heel of a shoe, creating an amusing sense of being seen despite of hiding. The randomness of  the story and character it narrates perturb me.


  1. you have such a keen eye.
    i like both the name and execution of this photo series <3

    1. thanks so much... love ya

      it means so much to me

  2. Gorgeous! It's enlightening when experimenting with lighting and composition!