PHOTODIARY / Sunny In Sydney

 I hope that I could snap photos using my eyes. It would be 101x better to capture something without struggling to focus the SLR camera then snapping on your Iphone and do the settings simultaneously while capturing something in a busy street (#touristproblems) . I love photography but sometimes it's not the most easy thing to do even in the most mundane scenario. So here's what I took during our 3 day stay . I would have taken more photos but doing that would actually let the camera's lens do all the sight seeing instead of my bare eyes. Travel is now our top-priority and we're saving up for the next.


  1. Amazing! Love it x


  2. Cool!! Are you gonna be able to go to any shows? I would love to attend their fashion shows which I think it has a lot of similarities with my aesthetic.
    When I went to Mexico this past xmas I did;t even bother taking my SLR camera I just took all the photos in my i phone, made things easier and also I didn't have to worry about being robbed or carrying the thing around xx

    1. Thanks Mel. I am afraid not. Yes. I think Australian fashion are in favor with minmalism . I truly love Iphone but sometimes the colors and angles can become really tricky but yes it exists to help us ease our daily troubles haha