OUTFIT / Matte Finish

Neoprene shirt / Ninthsheep
Pants / Helmut Lang
bag / Cava bag
shoes / Zara 

photos by Larrend

Visited the Sydney Contemporary Art Museum. Of course, apart from the amazing art installations, I am hypnotized by the charm of this blank concrete area near the exit. I just love concrete and wide spaces. I love being small against the space, enveloped by the vastness of it while still looking visible and stark. It was a hot day in Sydney. People are wearing tank tops and shorts but here I am resisting the harsh condition of the heat with my usual uniform. We walked all day for what it seems like forever , with no direction. Instead of riding a cab , we did nothing but walked, resting once in a while to admire an architecture or inhale the fresh breeze in the monstrous Hyde Park .A lovely  experience which will forever be etched in my mind.


  1. Perfection! xx


  2. Love the matte look and I wanted to tell you , your comments are always so well thought out, not the usual "love, perfect. Thank you for putting thought into your words, it foes without saying I appreciate it and continue to visit your blog for your style but also for your personality (virtual anyways) xx

    1. aww wthanks so much. I always try to take extra time to read and say something thoughtful for you coz *wink* you are special. love ya.. hugs