OUTFIT / Australia!

 Sweater / H&M + DIY
culottes / Jeanasis 
shoes / Rubber Converse
bag / CAVA 

photos by Larrend 

 It's been 3 weeks since I got here! My hiatus explains it all! These are my photos from our short stop over to Sydney. My first out of the country rendezvous and I will never forget the energy and everything! I was all clad in thick outfit because I had a flu that week before I flew. The weather is raging hot however me and Larrend enjoyed every bit of it. I mustered all my strength and walk around the city 'spite of myself and my terrible headache. We went to Sephora and the Opera house and visited Carriageworks museum to see the Big Buddha installation. We always get lost even with the help of Siri but it was fun nevertheless. Everything's different here!!  People are so so approachable and warm and friendly! So happy to be staying in Australia for good with my partner.... Life!!


  1. Amazing outfit! X


  2. Your outfit is on point! I hope you're doing really well, dear!

  3. how are you finding it in relation to the Philippines? It looks like it has lots of new industrial backdrops to offer already. I'm sure the two of you will enjoy exploring your new surroundings together x

    1. oh i love Australia better of course haha sorry.. yes SYdney has a lot of amazing clean archticetures. Right now , we're residing in Queensland. a lot more chill place compared to the city. Im lovin it here. cant wait to post more photos babe