LIFE / Home Sweet Home

Now I'm officially a Queenslander lol. So happy to have a humble abode to call our own. I'm still getting used to the environment and people and I'm enjoying it heaps!  2 days after arriving in Mackay , we bought furnitures and stuff for home. We also bought a big silver lamp for our nightime reading. Everything went accordingly. I'm so happy that the interior of the home we're renting is in harmony with our aesthetic. The ceiling fan are stainless silver , there's an abundance of neutrals, the toilet speaks of modernity and zen. I love our new space. Sometimes when Larrend is at work and I'm alone in the house, I just sit on the floor and take everything in... then I cook lunch or a prepare a snack lol. There shouldn't be a more apt time to think of the importance of a nest than now.


  1. your home looks amazing Karl, all the best for you and Larrend :)

    Pudding Monster

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    1. why thank you Alan.. =) you're one of our inspirations

  3. jesus what a move! I'm so happy for you settling in your new nest, it's so perfectly minimal I'm sure you'll have lots of productive and new thoughts xx!

    1. thanks babe. a new chapter for us.. thanks so much.. will surely do that

  4. I'm loving all the details of your new home :)

    \ Indigo Lights