ART / Sydney Buddha

Before I flew to Sydney , my boyfriend and I made a list of itineraries so our tour won't be a disorganized random misadventure. 2nd on our list (after, yes, The Sydney Opera House ) is the Sydney Buddha . As much as we tried to be as organized as we would want, we got lost. Little did we know that the musuem is concealed in a very quiet and domestic neighborhood. Thanks, Siri for helping us though. The Carriageworks museum is everything we have hoped for.  The distinctive 19thcentury industrial atmosphere have been retained, with many heritage iron and brick details featured in the regeneration of the building.  There is a palpable sense of decay and resilience in teh building which furthermore created a sense of time. The vast space is a facade that could inspire me and many people in so many ways. Gray concrete and rust and glass echoes all throughout while the sunbeams find its way onto the raw cemented floors. The Sydney Buddha is created with 20 tonnes of incense ash , standing at over five metres tall. The installation tells a story of brevity of life and the cycles of renewal and destruction. Made of two parts: an aluminium sculpture and an ash casting of its interior. The works are installed facing each other, however, as time passes, one of them is destroyed. I would love to go back someday to see a new interesting set of installation.


  1. i love the contrast of ultra modern chrome head with the natural decay of the sculpture. in place like that it's not surprising it was hard to find! thank goodness for siri! xx

    1. yes.. It was a very clever exhibit. I just can't contain the feeling of taking everything in : from the monstrosity of the statue down to the minute details of it. love ya... hugs