ACCESSORIES / Hard + wear

  I am lucky that I am not obsessed with those jewelries . I just can't understand (yet) its value 'spite knowing how much a single diamond cost or how far a sheet of gold can take you. Like a kid, my accessories / jewelries are what I call the banal . I even went as far as wearing a stack of white masking tapes  as cuffs ala JW Anderson and it highly gave me a satisfaction one could get in wearing a wristwatch worth of 2 houses. I love the designs of Margiela too but sadly his creations cost as expensive as those glittery jewels I see on those strictly guarded and highly adored bust mannequins, Oh well, not a bad thing though 'cause I have my go-to hardware store for my cheap and banal needs. I hope to see more hardware stores here in Australia although I'm quite contented with these two badboys. Thank God I have a very small framed wrist.