LIFE / Hello, Sydney Opera House!

Seeing the Sydney Opera House with my love for the first time was a remarkable moment. It was terribly hot but I was lost in admiring the iconic spherical giant shells. I couldn't stop touching the glazed ceramic tiles. From afar it appears stark white but up close, it's colored in rich cream white. We spent long hours there ogling  different people while inhaling the various cacophony of sounds of the heavy waves of the Sydney Harbour and the festive voices of every people present there. 


ART / Sydney Buddha

Before I flew to Sydney , my boyfriend and I made a list of itineraries so our tour won't be a disorganized random misadventure. 2nd on our list (after, yes, The Sydney Opera House ) is the Sydney Buddha . As much as we tried to be as organized as we would want, we got lost. Little did we know that the musuem is concealed in a very quiet and domestic neighborhood. Thanks, Siri for helping us though. The Carriageworks museum is everything we have hoped for.  The distinctive 19thcentury industrial atmosphere have been retained, with many heritage iron and brick details featured in the regeneration of the building.  There is a palpable sense of decay and resilience in teh building which furthermore created a sense of time. The vast space is a facade that could inspire me and many people in so many ways. Gray concrete and rust and glass echoes all throughout while the sunbeams find its way onto the raw cemented floors. The Sydney Buddha is created with 20 tonnes of incense ash , standing at over five metres tall. The installation tells a story of brevity of life and the cycles of renewal and destruction. Made of two parts: an aluminium sculpture and an ash casting of its interior. The works are installed facing each other, however, as time passes, one of them is destroyed. I would love to go back someday to see a new interesting set of installation.


ACCESSORIES / Hard + wear

  I am lucky that I am not obsessed with those jewelries . I just can't understand (yet) its value 'spite knowing how much a single diamond cost or how far a sheet of gold can take you. Like a kid, my accessories / jewelries are what I call the banal . I even went as far as wearing a stack of white masking tapes  as cuffs ala JW Anderson and it highly gave me a satisfaction one could get in wearing a wristwatch worth of 2 houses. I love the designs of Margiela too but sadly his creations cost as expensive as those glittery jewels I see on those strictly guarded and highly adored bust mannequins, Oh well, not a bad thing though 'cause I have my go-to hardware store for my cheap and banal needs. I hope to see more hardware stores here in Australia although I'm quite contented with these two badboys. Thank God I have a very small framed wrist. 


OUTFIT / Matte Finish

Neoprene shirt / Ninthsheep
Pants / Helmut Lang
bag / Cava bag
shoes / Zara 

photos by Larrend

Visited the Sydney Contemporary Art Museum. Of course, apart from the amazing art installations, I am hypnotized by the charm of this blank concrete area near the exit. I just love concrete and wide spaces. I love being small against the space, enveloped by the vastness of it while still looking visible and stark. It was a hot day in Sydney. People are wearing tank tops and shorts but here I am resisting the harsh condition of the heat with my usual uniform. We walked all day for what it seems like forever , with no direction. Instead of riding a cab , we did nothing but walked, resting once in a while to admire an architecture or inhale the fresh breeze in the monstrous Hyde Park .A lovely  experience which will forever be etched in my mind.


LIFE / Home Sweet Home

Now I'm officially a Queenslander lol. So happy to have a humble abode to call our own. I'm still getting used to the environment and people and I'm enjoying it heaps!  2 days after arriving in Mackay , we bought furnitures and stuff for home. We also bought a big silver lamp for our nightime reading. Everything went accordingly. I'm so happy that the interior of the home we're renting is in harmony with our aesthetic. The ceiling fan are stainless silver , there's an abundance of neutrals, the toilet speaks of modernity and zen. I love our new space. Sometimes when Larrend is at work and I'm alone in the house, I just sit on the floor and take everything in... then I cook lunch or a prepare a snack lol. There shouldn't be a more apt time to think of the importance of a nest than now.


OUTFIT / Australia!

 Sweater / H&M + DIY
culottes / Jeanasis 
shoes / Rubber Converse
bag / CAVA 

photos by Larrend 

 It's been 3 weeks since I got here! My hiatus explains it all! These are my photos from our short stop over to Sydney. My first out of the country rendezvous and I will never forget the energy and everything! I was all clad in thick outfit because I had a flu that week before I flew. The weather is raging hot however me and Larrend enjoyed every bit of it. I mustered all my strength and walk around the city 'spite of myself and my terrible headache. We went to Sephora and the Opera house and visited Carriageworks museum to see the Big Buddha installation. We always get lost even with the help of Siri but it was fun nevertheless. Everything's different here!!  People are so so approachable and warm and friendly! So happy to be staying in Australia for good with my partner.... Life!!