OUTFIT / Concrete congruency

shoes / Dr Martens
sweater / Topshop
pants / Uniqlo
photos by / Larrend 

// I'm so happy to be a minimalist. I admit , it was an attraction to the aesthetic at first.  I started loving whites and the world of  simplicity in fashion thanks to Love Aesthetics and Vanillascented . I was surprised how fast it became a trend. Actually,I never saw it coming. It was the time when sporty things and shirts with numbers became at its peak then suddenly there's a whole lot of blog posts and OOTDS going around saying that minimalism is the next big thing. Well , it's a lifestyle and if you make it a lifestyle , you stick to it. It's not like an H&M collaboration that erupts and dies in season. If you're gonna love minimal things and end up buying 5 white wardrobes in 2 weeks then you might wanna step back and reflect since its the antithesis of the principle. There's a difference with loving and living minimalism. I've observed kids claiming they are into it but it's more of , you know, the presentation. The internet is a place where you can discover real deals and not so real deals. I appreciate the way they present a minimal style because visually it's a great sight but more than that there's a whole lot more.

I was answering an interview from a Japanese magazine the other day and 2 of the questions were " What was your most expensive fashion purchase this month? " and " How much do you spend on clothes in a month?". I literally had to pause and had a brief interpersonal conversation. It was funny coz I think I clicked the 0-10USD button. I also hadn't bought anything expensive in the past. I bought fabrics but I think It's not counted. I think that from the outsider's point of view, if you are a blogger of style or fashion, you have this impression that shopping is part of your system. I admit I've been there. And I think every minimalist have been in that zombified shopping phase in their lives which led them to appreciate the zen way of living. Some friends and relatives who know my blogging would want me to be in a conversation about shopping, fashion brands and the likes and it's just funny because in truth I would rather talk about their kids and food and  health more when I'm with them. Me and my boyfriend are doing our very best to save up for the future. He isn't the  "stop buying that, don't buy that" kind of boyfriend. He just shows me how he saves up and buys little to none. He lets me realize what are the important things in life. It makes me ask myself and basically, it's not a pair of shoes from Acne anymore. He influence me positively and now I'm becoming happy. When you feel genuinely happy sans the accumulation of objects , I think it's a good sign. Again it's a lifestyle, and it's ok to be tempted once in a while. It's okay to buy once in a while . The way you get lured to eat a bacon cheeseburger while on a week-long detox. Okayyy so mentioning a burger at 9pm actually made me hungry haha..


  1. You look amazing! X


  2. haha, zombified - that's exactly what I was in the past! :D so glad that's over and I can enjoy the serenity of less. lovely photos, there's something really calming about that concrete.

    1. thanks. we were once in that dark place and now we're free.. hugs

      hope you could post a new one. miss ya

  3. I agree with everything you wrote here. Great write up, yes Minimalism is a life style is not just how you dress, it can be the decoration in your home, how you shop, how you dress, the art you love etc. Yes its trending now but people like us who were loving before will continue to love after.
    Keep it up xx

    1. you are thought provoking Mel. I also can relate to your philosophy and your voice in the blog and everyday life./ thanks so much
      cheers to us!

  4. I love your tastes. Wonderful blog!